Farmers are foodies extraordinaire ...

Farmers are foodies extraordinaire … the food they grow and then serve at their own dinner tables is very literally farm-to-fork, and as local as it gets!! The farmer knows which varieties are the best-tasting and how to select produce of the highest quality.  When feeding his own family, the farmer’s table offers ingredients picked at their peak and served as fresh as fresh gets! The result … foods bursting with healthy goodness and flavor!

Pine Barrens Native Fruits invites you to experience foods exploding with natural flavor and goodness, brought to you by 5th generation cranberry and blueberry farmers, Joe Darlington and Brenda Conner. We don’t “flavor” our products, our products simply have flavor, authentically and naturally! That flavor comes from choosing the best-tasting varieties, growing them in their native environment, harvesting them at their peak, and then sorting out only the highest quality berries for use in our products. We then use whole berries in our recipes to make sure ALL the healthy goodness and flavor gets to your family.

Because cranberries and blueberries are native to the South Jersey Pine Barrens, you can feel good about eating and serving our products. Native Agriculture is the most sustainable and responsible, since we work with nature to grow berries exactly where Mother Nature intended. We enhance wetlands, preserve more acres than we crop, encourage biodiversity through our farming activity, and are faithful and diligent stewards of some of the purest water on the planet.


So … go ahead, be good, eat good, and feel good … Go Native!


Relax in comfort as you get an up-close and very personal tour of the Cranberry and Blueberry farm, guided by 5th generation grower, Brenda Conner.   Enjoy the native flavors of the South Jersey Pine Barrens in a variety of delicious products.   Discover the Native Agri-Culture difference in how we work to bring you the flavors while respecting one of Nature's most unique ecologies.
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